About Sean Dinner

matt lloyd
Sean (right) and Matt Llyod, CEO of MOBE

Sean Dinner is a Canadian online marketer proud Titanium Member of My Online Business Education.

He enjoys teaching others and showing them how they too can get their own online business up and running.

He has attended workshops and the Titanium Mastermind in Bahamas where he got to mingle and learn from some of the most influential online marketers, bloggers, and business owners.

Sean has had many careers, including a graphic designer, cars salesman, and home renovator.

When not working on his business he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, adventuring, playing with his GoPro, video editing, mountain biking, and simply enjoying life.

Sean grew up on a farm and didn’t even have internet until he was a teenager, and even then it was only dial-up that rarely worked. One of the first things that intrigued him about the internet was how to run an online business. He’s been working hard at it ever since and wants to show you how you can do the same.