Traffic Masters Academy Review


Who is Traffic Masters Academy for?

Traffic Masters Academy is for you if you’re not getting sales every day. It doesn’t matter what product, company, niche you’re in, if you’re not getting sales every day obviously there’s something wrong or an important step you’re missing.

  • If you don’t want to chase people down or would rather have them reach out to YOU.
  • If you would like to recruit and sell with less effort, again depending on the program/opportunity or niche you’re promoting.
  • If you’re too busy during the day and want your business on auto-pilot
  • Home parties and presentations don’t work or simply can’t do them. Whether it’s due to time conflicts or maybe it’s just not your personality.
  • If you’re willing to understand and appreciate the value of investing in yourself then this will be for you.
  • And if you’re struggling with online advertising or generating leads in general than this is definitely the program for you. So keep listening.

Who Traffic Masters Academy Isn’t For.

  • “Get Rich Quick” mentality people.

There is no such thing as get rich quick, you may be able to make a quick buck here and there but we’re looking for a sustainable business. We want to create a business for you on auto-pilot that’s going to generate leads and income. Okay, over time, it will take time. Get rich quick is the worst  idea you could ever have so if you’re looking for that then you might as well leave now, to put it bluntly.

  • If you’re looking for the next shiny object to make you money without doing any work.

Just like any business, it will take work, it will take investments, but the reward will be great for the effort you put into it. There is no button you can click that will start generating you money, that’s impossible!

  • And if you’re not willing to invest in yourself then again this isn’t for you. You have to invest in yourself.
  • If you’re afraid of being “sold.”

If you’re promoting a product you are a sales rep for that product whether you like to admit it or not. I no one can convince you to change your ways or invest in yourself by going to workshops or downloading these programs, okay, you’re not being sold, you’re being educated. And if you’re not willing to invest in yourself and you have that attitude you’ll never make it. Because you’re shooting yourself in the foot with that sort of attitude, okay?


Inside of Traffic Masters Academy

Traffic Masters, this is what you get when you sign up. Here’s a little intro and they also have daily webinars  which is just absolutely amazing. So, every day they have a webinar. Here’s the month for July. Every day but Saturday it looks like. Different Powerups (motivational speeches), solo ads, banner ads, traffic fundamentals, blogging, you name it they’ve got it. So every month your month is jam packed of webinars to join for free.

Back to Traffic Masters Academy, how it starts out is you’ll go through Traffic Fundamentals with Matt Lloyd, CEO and creator of MOBE. So you get an intro, the fundamentals, targeted vs non-targeted traffic this is perfect for the absolute newbie to online marketing and online advertising.

The customer avatar, you have to know your customer profile… profile is an easier word than avatar, essentially you want to create the avatar/profile of the person, the people you’re going to be marketing towards. Again, this is for any niche, any business, any opportunity,  but you have to know who you’re marketing for before you can even get started.

Pro and Cons of Free traffic vs. Paid Traffic. Traffic Masters Academy will cover both and Matt will explain the difference and it’s up to you to decide which is best for you.

Important Questions.

How to create your own squeeze pages, setup your own autoresponder if that’s something you want to do, okay?

Here’s the modules on the left-hand side. Pay Per Click, YouTube, so you can see with each there’s a few courses. Adam Holland, Michelle Pescosolido (I think I said that right), Terry Lamb with YouTube, Scott Smith, Carolina Milan… these are people who have run their business specifically with these methods.

Facebook PPC, she’s an absolute pro so if you’re interested in that, watch it. Each day do a module [lesson] and that will give you your 30 days. However, you want to stick with one… If you’re not comfortable doing video… I’m not comfortable being ON video but I like creating videos so this is why I do the webinars and the screen capture videos because it’s easier for me and my personality and what I’m comfortable with. You might be comfortable being in front of a camera, which is totally okay, so this definitely what you want to pay attention to.

Solo Ad Marketing, Shaqir Hussyin, one of the top solo ad marketers in the world this guy is just absolutely insane with the amount of money he’s generated through solo ads.

Banner Ad Marketing if you’re just looking to put banner on websites David will tell you all about that.

Blogging Secrets With John Chow

Warm Market Traffic. So going after the people who are ready to buy your service but just aren’t quite there yet.

Then you also get a couple bonus modules:

Direct Mail. You’re mailing physical mail to peoples houses. So he’ll cover that and what it’s all about.

And then also Pay Per View. Bernardo De la Vega he was actually my mentor [coach] through My Online Business Education and really knows what he’s talking about.

So, how much do you think Traffic Masters Academy is worth?

They could probably sell it for $97 per module so that would come to just over $1,500. Okay, but they’re not going to do that for you today. They could easily charge $997, but we won’t do that, or even $497!

Today, Traffic Masters Academy is a one time investment of only $297!


The great part about this is one time investment. Because they will update the modules as time goes on and markets change. Facebook, it seems everyday they’re changing their algorithm and changing their advertising platform. I think it’s the best out there however that’s for you to decide if you enjoy it.

For $297 ONE TIME, they could easily be charging that per month. Which a lot of other programs do is charge per month because they’re constantly updating. So for $297 one time only, that’s it, and you’re covered.

You’ll want to do each module per day, choose one that’s best for you, do that and you’ll definitely start seeing more results in your business.


Now, you also get a 30-day money-back guarantee so if at the end of 30 days and you’re not happy with the number of leads you’re making  with the Traffic Masters Academy program you just email them proof you actually tried, because you do have to take action,   then you’ll get your money back 100% no questions asked, okay?

You have to watch, you have to listen, you have to try, you have to put it into action. And keep documentation of that just in case. You do have to put in the effort, invest in yourself and take action.

You can join Traffic Masters Academy today when you go to (Traffic Masters Academy). Go to to get started today so YOU can start getting those sales, start getting those leads everyday and become the business and become the powerhouse you absolutely want to be. to get started and look forward to hearing about your success.

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